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Rustic Beach Path



'Becoming rooted



in Love'



We are Roots. Two women who grew up in different parts of the world and met while doing a school with Youth With a Mission in Amsterdam in 2006. Our friendship has led us through countless seasons and terrains, lots of warm drinks, train tickets and skypes. A lot of shared moments of joy and laughter, as well as tears of pain, disappointment and frustration.  We've learned that life is a journey and it sure helps to have people to share it with. Intentional friends, as well as spiritual directors, have played significant roles in our faith journeys. We've both benefited greatly and find it an honor to walk with others in their journey of faith. Years ago while on a retreat together, the idea was birthed to start something together that would allow us to walk alongside women, even the name Roots came to mind. When spiritual direction came onto our path, we realized that this would become part of Roots. And here we are...

Monique Hoven

Aleida Nieuwenhuis


Please contact us for more information about receiving individual spiritual direction.


Stay tuned to find out about our future contemplative retreats. 


We'd love to share about topics such as contemplative theology, inner healing, spiritual growth, spiritual friendship and other topics.

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