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Why Roots?

Our fast-paced lives often provide little room to just “be”, much less to “be still and know that God is God” (Psalm 46:10). We live much of life unaware of the movements of God within our lives. Spiritual Direction provides a place to become aware and explore these things. Life is the classroom within which God grows us. It’s within the context of daily life that God is present. Spiritual Direction provides space in which to become aware of His presence and His promptings.


Do you long for more in regards to life and faith?

Are you feeling stuck in areas of your life?

Are you disappointed in how life is going?

Does your faith feel more like a desert than anything else?

Are you desiring discernment?


It is our mission to come alongside women of all ages in their journeys of life and faith. Hopefully our times together will be an encouragement and stir thirst for the deeper things of God. It is our desire to provide a safe place of love and acceptance, a place to grow roots that help one to stand firm in the midst of life’s storms… in order that one bear fruit!


Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Having someone come alongside you as you journey with God. The director helps you dust for the fingerprints of God in your life and helps you grow in your awareness of His presence. The ultimate director is the Holy Spirit and we believe that He is at work in the lives of His people, drawing them and speaking to them. 


What does a session often look like?

Sessions last 1 hour, it is common to meet monthly, however, more frequent meetings are possible. This will continue as long as seems fitting. We will evaluate regularly to process how things are going. A session is given either via Skype or telephone, but preferrably in real life (we are based in Zwolle and Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


A session often begins by lighting a candle, symbolizing God’s presence with us. The director will then continue with any of the following: prayer, silence or the reading of a passage of the Bible. After a short time of silence the directee is given space to share what’s come to their mind/heart. The pace of the conversation is slower than other conversations, providing space to become aware of what’s alive within one’s soul (mind, will and emotions). Open questions, silence, space to share, reflect, etc. are given. These times are less about the head/intellect and more about the heart and the things that drive us. 


What it is not?

The director does not give advice or tell you what to do. It is not therapy.

Stay tuned to find out about our future contemplative retreats.

We'd love to share about topics such as contemplative theology, inner healing, spiritual growth, spiritual friendship and other topics. 

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